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Comparative analysis of Defense Industry Models in South American countries
Zlata Dolores Borsic Laborde, Angie Fernández Lorenzo, Darwin Manolo Paredes Calderón and Stéfanny Nicole Montoya Loor
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Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Column Specimens Under Blast Loading Produced By Pentolite Charge
Nestor Mejia, Enrique Morales, Jose Duran, Rodrigo Mejia and Esteban Vasconez
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The social explosion which is advancing in South America: the cases of Chile and Bolivia
Luis Recalde, Klever Bravo and Luis Villa
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Fernando Alvear, Kléver Bravo and Roberto Jimenez
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Causes and variables of forest fires, a brief review of the Ecuadorian case.
Henry Cruz, Santiago Jácome, Tatiana Gualotuña, Diego Marcillo and Efraín Rodrigo Fonseca
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Robust system for crowd counting and estimation using multi-column filters on unmanned platforms.
Henry Cruz, Darwin Merizalde, Juan Amon, Darwin Paredes, Pablo Alban and Marco Calderon
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